At NEST Autos we believe in being consistent and transparent in our pricing is the fairest way to look after our customers.

To help with this many of our services are charged at a fixed rate and all of our prices include VAT.

For our bespoke services we charge labour at £40 per hour  with the number of hours being calculated from Autodata where available and our parts prices are consistent with Euro Car Parts where they are available.

Fixed Prices (Cars only)

MOT £40
Full service £99*
MOT & Full service £125
Basic diagnostic £20
Tracking £30
Full wheel alignment £99
Brake fluid change £40
Coolant change £40
Brake disc and pad change £30**
Brake drums and shoes change £40**
DPF cleaning £150***
BG Engine oil flush £20
BG Fuel system cleaner £30
BG Combined flush and cleaner £45

*Includes oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter.

**Per end + Parts cost.

***Includes Oil flush, oil change, oil filter, air filter, fuel system cleaner.

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